Hi there.

I’m Jordyn.

No, not to the left, I’m the one with the rainbow hair, below (LOL).

But the point is, I’m Jordyn, and I want to take your picture. Specifically, I want to take your picture naked. Or not naked, either works for me. I’m an intimate photographer and content creator in Dallas, TX – basically, I make magic real, which is a pretty badass job if you ask me.

But when I’m working with clients, I get to make YOUR magic real, and that’s the best part.

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It's SUPER important to me that my clients have a great time, and love their images! Read a little bit about what THEY think!

"To fully understand how much this photo shoot meant to me, let me first start by saying after an assault back in December my face was scarred. I am a bigger girl, I always have been. My body has never been something I had pride in, but I was always told I had a pretty face. After the assault my face, the one thing I felt made me beautiful, was now also marred. I had an appointment booked with Jordyn with the intent of giving budior shots to the person who would be my ex husband by the time the photo shoot rolled around. I almost cancelled. A freshly scarred face, a body I never had the opportunity to "fix" and the emotional complexity I was dealing with after my assault, it all made me feel anything but beautiful. However as the date approached Jordyn would send me messages and ideas and I grew confident enough to show up, at least. As soon as I walked in I was at home, I was among friends. Instantly I was made to feel completely comfortable, my hair and makeup were beautifully done and as the session started, and the nerves began to Creep back in, Jordyn knew exactly how to put me at ease. She expertly posed me in ways that made me feel confident and sexy. She gave amazing direction so I could move my body appropriately, however she not once made an effort to cover any of the things I felt were flawed with my body, instead she celebrated my curves and my face. She gave me confidence in who I truly am and what I really look like. Her style is real, it's true to who she is and to her subject. She has an incredible ability to find the raw beauty in the people she photographs.

That photoshoot gave me back an amazing amount of confidence that I had lost over the prior 6 months. She brought me back out of my shell in so many ways. I will forever look at those photos and instead of thinking "Oh look at that completely edited version of myself", I will be able to say "Look how beautiful I truly was, in all of my parts" and I am eternally grateful to her for that."

- ChristiAnn

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I’ve got packages for whatever you need

Packages designed for YOU.

Look, I’m a real human (and definitely not a moth masquerading as one). Which means I understand that real humans all need different things (and are looking for different things) in a photographer. But whether you need some digitals, or you want to go all out and have 5 costume changes… I’ve got a package that will fit for you. Because what’s included has been designed by me, a real person who takes pictures, for you, a real person who needs pictures. 

I want to show you how gorgeous you really are.

You see my headshot up there – I’m a thick girl. And I am the first to admit that learning to love yourself as a thick goddess is a JOURNEY and a half. So one of my biggest goals for our time together? It’s getting you to see yourself the way I see you through the camera. As the gorgeous goddess you are! (I know it sounds cliché but let’s be honest, we all need more self love living in this dystopian hellscape!!)